Design & Build Options

Design and Build allows you to design a home that suits both your requirements and your section.  The first step generally involves a site visit with our in house architect.  Understanding the site is an important factor to consider when planning a home.  Recognising the positioning of the section, its specific features and views along with how it sits in relation to sun rise and sunset are key to creating a perfect home.  When you first meet with our architects theyu will ask a lot of questions to get an idea of what you like, how many bedrooms you want, any specific furniture you want to retain in your new home, whether you want a scullery, a separate media room, do you want a traditional looking home with a gabled roof or a modern style with mono pitch roof - the list goes on.  Ascertaining your budget is also very important at this stage.  

A concept is then prepared along with some 3D images for you to help visualise your new home.   Its the easiest time to make changes, so the team will sit with you to help walk you through your plan.  Once you are completely happy with the concept of your new home, the full working drawing plans will be prepared.

A great idea is to come along with as many pictures of houses,  or features of houses that you like,   start looking at magazines and get a rough idea of how you would like your house to work.  To give you some inspiration take a look at some of the plans below

Take a stroll through some of our plans

Room to move

Bedrooms:   4

Garages:     Double

Bathrooms:  2

Kitchen with scullery

Separate media room

Family Living

3 Bedrooms

3 Levels

2 bathrooms/3 Toilets

Kitchen with Scullery

Double garage

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