Why Mondo?

Building a home is more than just hammering in nails and getting in a plumber and electrician. The key to a successful stress free build is Management.  Mondo Homes is made up of a great team of people with years of experience in all aspects of Management.  
From ensuring the right tradespeople are selected for the job through to ensuring a tight schedule is adhered to, Mondo excel.
Our experience in putting together finance packages, through to the understanding of good house design and quality control, makes Mondo Homes the best option when it comes to building.
Mondo Homes have put together a strong team made up of the some of the best contractors available.  This team has been selected based on a number of key criteria. 
Mondo Homes look for experienced reliable contractors.  These contractors have been selected based on their experience, ability to price competitively and above all delivering a high level of workmanship.